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Famous for its beautiful canals, stunning architecture, and rich culture, Venice is one of the most desirable luxury destinations in the world. But although it’s filled with romance at every turn, this incredible city isn’t just reserved for loved up honeymooners and newly engaged couples. In fact, there are so many things to do here that it is ideal for just about anyone who loves to explore beautiful cities. So, whether you’re looking for a luxury city break or a laid-back week in the Venetian sun, Venice has got you covered.

Things to remember: 

It’s no secret that Venice is one of the most popular holiday hotspots in Europe, so there are a few things worth remembering before you go. 

  • Food and accommodation can be on the pricey side, so if you’re looking to save money try to set a budget of around €80 a day and stick to that.
  • There are day trip options for Venice, but the city is truly beautiful at night. Aim to stay for a minimum of two-three days.
  • Remember that the only transport in Venice is by boat. If you get seasick or have a fear of water, this might not be the trip for you!
  • There will be lots of tourists whichever time of year you decide to visit.
  • Pack light – the back streets and canals aren’t suited to large suitcases and oversized luggage!

When to go:

Venice is blessed with a moderate climate for most of the year, though it is also prone to rain in every season. Summers are hot and humid and there are usually lots of flies and mosquitoes making a nuisance of themselves. Unsurprisingly, summer is also peak season, so it can get very, very crowded. 

Winters can be wet and foggy, and the city can experience up to 60 days of flooding from October through to January. The best times to visit are during the spring (April – June) and autumn (September – October), seasons when the temperatures are more manageable and there are fewer tourists.

Where to stay: 

For pure luxury, it doesn’t get much better than the Hotel Danieli – a truly beautiful 5-Star hotel located on the Riva deli Schiavoni with the Grand Canal in front, just a few moments’ walk from the Bridge of Sighs and Saint Mark’s Square. The San Clemente Kempinski Palace Hotel and Resort will make you feel like royalty, whilst the Gritti Palace is a boutique paradise straight out of your luxury holiday dreams.  

For those times when you need to stick to a budget, check out the Hotel Alloggi Serena with its artfully decorated small boutique rooms, or the Hotel al Ponte Mocenigo which features unique Venetian décor and clean, tidy rooms. 

What to see:

Taking a water taxi down the Grand Canal gives you a real taste for the flavour of Venice. Lined with centuries of awe-inspiring Venetian architecture, the canal is a beautiful way to explore the narrow backstreets, Gothic spires, and Romanesque arches. Renaissance architecture can be seen in the Casino di Venezia which first opened its doors in 1615, while the Baroque and Neoclassical era is reflected in the Ca’ Rezzonico and the Palazzo Grassi.  

It’s a great idea to stroll around Piazzo San Marco (Saint Mark’s Square) while exploring the chic cafés and fancy shops before taking a tour of Palazzo Ducale (the Doge’s Palace), which is connected to its prisons by the famous Bridge of Sighs. Make a stop at the Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge) before sampling some of the freshest Venetian seafood in one of the multitudes of restaurants and bars. 

There are also plenty of galleries and museums to visit, such as the Galleria del Academia Venice Museum; some of these are free to enter.

Whether you’re looking for an adventure or a romantic break for two, Venice is a true gem that needs to be explored at least once in your lifetime. The allure of this enchanting city is so strong that the chances are you will want to come back, time and time again.

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