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Being the third most popular wedding destination in the US, the Outer Banks hosts over 3,000 weddings every year. Indeed, the charm of this place attracts many couples. However, planning a flawless wedding event here isn’t an easy bet. To enhance the experience, you must have a great plan!

For our readers planning to host a wedding in the OBX, here are a few tips to make their celebration even more memorable.

1. Book an Event Home

As you start exploring your venue options, you may come across dining halls, upscale restaurants, beach destinations, and several other alternatives. Yes, these options may be great, but the leisure of renting an event home is unparalleled.

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These luxurious homes have plenty of space to welcome your guests and top comfort features to offer them a great experience. Apart from this, you can also rent a beachside event home with an attached patio, which can double as your wedding stage. Just make sure to explore your best options to find the most suitable OBX event homes for your wedding.

2. Hire a Professional Planner

As you are stepping into the role of a newlywed, make the experience memorable for the rest of your life. This is a once-in-a-lifetime affair, so make the most of it with a professional wedding planner.

This will set you free from stress, plus the wedding planner will ensure that everything is spot on. Professional planners are good at understanding the needs of their clients, and hence they can comfortably deliver impressive results at reasonable prices. Before hiring a wedding planner, check their reviews and portfolios.

3. Reach the Destination Days Prior to The Event

The celebration of your wedding will be enhanced with every memory that you make. If you can arrive at the destination a week or ten days before the event, you will be able to make yourself comfortable. You will also have a good time with your family and close friends, right before you get hitched.

To double the fun, you can ask your partner’s family & friends to join in. This will help build and strengthen relationships across both families.

4. Use The Destination for Photoshoots

From the nearby hills to beautiful waterfalls, from Jockey’s Ridge to the sandy, shiny Corolla beach, on the OBX, you have a lot to explore.

Travel across the sandbar with your partner and photographer to create memories & capture moments. After all, a destination wedding is as good as the pictures that you click at the destination. This will also reward you with quality time & pictures with your special person.

5. Indulge in Fun Activities

As you and your loved ones have gathered to make this event memorable, you can also indulge in fun activities. Whether you like the beach or the mountains, the OBX region has a lot to offer to visitors with varying tastes.

For a better idea, here’s a list of some fun activities that you can indulge in:

  • Kite flying at Jockey’s Ridge
  • OBX wild horse tour
  • First flight & Corolla adventure park
  • Hang gliding
  • OBX Jetpack
  • Parasailing and other watersports

Apart from this, you can also enjoy an oceanfront dining experience. The Outer Banks has many beautiful oceanfront restaurants that offer great views and rich tastes.

Closing words

Your wedding in the Outer Banks can be turned into a unique and memorable experience with the right ideas. All that’s left is to start your new life together!

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