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‘Atlantis 2’ joins Dubai’s new wave of elite hotels

Atlantis, The Palm hotel has been a byword for opulence since it opened in 2008. Situated on the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah, the hotel has earned a reputation as a magnet for celebrities, drawn by attractions such as one of the Emirate’s most spectacular- and expensive – suites. But a sequel project could surpass the original. The finishing touches are being added to The Royal Atlantis Resort & Residences ahead of its scheduled opening in late 2020. The $1.4bn megaproject, also developed by the Kerzner group, will sit alongside The Palm sharing 63 hectares of prime seafront… [read more]

Spain’s first women-only hotel has opened in Mallorca

Located in the charming seaside town of Porto Cristo on the east side of the island, the Som Dona Hotel is a concept made by women for women. The project emerged following extensive market research that included focus groups and interviews among customers asking what products they desired. Results pointed out that most women seek wanderlust destinations and are driven by healthy lifestyle habits around the mind and body, while socialising with other women… [read more]

Have we hit peak supercar?

At the Frankfurt Auto Show this week, Lamborghini plans to unveil a V12 hybrid supercar called the Sian. The Bologna, Italy-based brand will make 63 of them, all already spoken for. Though unconfirmed, early reports set the price of the car around $3 million — an astronomical though increasingly common amount… [read more]

Travelling lightly: here are the world’s most eco-friendly destinations

The world is changing and travel is changing with it thanks to a green revolution occurring beneath our feet. Not so long ago most of us travelled to forget the world’s problems, as well as our own. Now we’re taking our sustainable sensibilities with us. We’re travelling with our own reusable water bottles and coffee cups. We’re choosing trains over planes, eating plant-based and SLO (seasonal, local and organic), picking up litter, saying no to plastic bags and straws, thinking twice about the impact we’re having, being kind to animals, giving back… [read more]

Beijing Daxing Airport is now open and it has the world’s largest terminal

Last Wednesday saw the new and shiny Beijing Daxing International Airport’s first flight take off. Construction only began a mere five years ago. Designed by renowned architect Zaha Hadid’s firm, Daxing is an architectural feat. The entire airport resembles a six-legged low-lying ochre alien if seen from above. It looks stunning and sleek from the inside and out. Will Daxing join the big leagues of Singapore’s Changi Airport or Qatar’s Hamad Airport, to be considered the best in the world?… [read more]

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