Luxury travel news this week: Coronavirus special

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Three scenarios for the coronavirus

China’s new coronavirus may peter out. Or it might join the flu on the roster of the world’s winter illnesses — a bug that will be routinely vaccinated against. Or it might become a global pandemic, killing millions of people. Experts don’t have enough information to predict which of these very different scenarios will come to pass. So for now, they are cautious… [read more]

The coronavirus is already taking a toll on the luxury industry

China’s outbreak of a new strain of coronavirus is having ripple effects beyond its upending of daily life in the country. For the international luxury industry, which relies heavily on Chinese shoppers, it’s already taking a financial toll. The outbreak has dramatically reduced the number of shoppers in Chinese cities and forced companies to close stores… [read more]

Quiet malls, empty streets: Coronavirus fears dampen Dubai’s peak tourist season

With a perfect mix of good weather and citywide sales, Dubai usually draws large crowds of foreign visitors in the dead of winter. But there is evidence that the coronavirus, which has killed more than 600 people and spread to two dozen countries including the Emirates, has put a damper on the usual prowl for winter sun and discounted luxury goods this year… [read more]

China is putting museum exhibits online due to coronavirus outbreak

This year’s deadly coronavirus outbreak has gripped China, forcing many people to hunker down and stay out of public places during what has typically been a busy travel time. But while many businesses remain closed, some of China’s most popular museums are moving their exhibits to a new place to be enjoyed: online… [read more]

More luxury brands, including Versace, LVMH and Kering, pledge donations to combat coronavirus

Versace is the latest company to join the cause to fight the virus outbreak that has claimed 565 lives around the world at the time of writing. The Italian luxury company pledged 1 million yuan (RM591,033) to the Chinese Red Cross Foundation to alleviate the deficit of medical supplies. Capri Holdings Ltd, parent company of Versace that also owns Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors, said that the virus is expected to reduce this quarter’s revenues by US$100 million (RM412 million) as the outbreak continues to spread… [read more]

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