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The Florida Keys are often disregarded because of the time required to reach them. Although they are a reasonable distance from most cities in the U.S, they offer absolutely unbelievable beauty and adventure. The Florida Keys are the perfect destination for any seafood fanatic. Individuals have the opportunity to experience the entire seafood experience from start to finish. In the Keys, you can catch your own fresh fish in the morning and have it prepared by a chef in the evening. In this article, we will talk about the process for catching a fresh fish and having an amazing Florida Keys experience that will impress any seafood lover.

Step 1: Find the Perfect Starting Point

The first step to catching a delicious fish is finding the perfect docking point. Whether you plan on going to sea with a charter or on your own boat, find an area that is known for favoring fishers. If you want the perfect fishing experience, venture to Islamorada. This area is known for being the “sporting fishing capital of the world.” With this reputation, you will surely catch a delicious bite.

Step 2: Schedule the Day

If you are planning to spend all day out at sea, schedule the day in detail. Make sure to bring lunches, snacks, and beverages that will last the entire day. If you are bringing your own boat, consider bringing the gear needed to participate in water sports. If you start the day early, you can catch some peaceful waters before the prime fishing hours. If you are in search of wakeboarding gear, Aerial Wakeboarding has incredible gear that is perfect for beginners or advanced athletes.

Step 3: Pick Your Best Catch

After a full day of fishing, determine which fish you want to keep. Keep the fish that are large enough to feed a crowd. In addition, consider the type of fish that you enjoy eating. Some of the common fish caught in Islamorada are:

  • Yellowtail Snapper
  • Yellowfin Tuna
  • Mahi Mahi
  • Grouper

Although there are more fish surrounding the Florida Keys than this, these are some of the most common varieties that are found.

Step 4: Take Your Fish to Shore

After fishing the seas and determining which are the best catches of the day, take your boat back to shore. After you return to land, it is time to determine how you will cook your fish. Some marine restaurants will allow you to BYOF (Bring Your Own Fish) and the chef will prepare it for you on the spot. If you choose to cook the fish on your own, strategically plan the best method of preparation. Many fresh fish do not need much seasoning in order to have optimal flavor. In most cases, fish is prepared best on the grill or on a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet.


When you get to catch fresh fish and eat it on the same day, it is an incredible seafood experience. For those who love seafood, the experience of catching the fish yourself and having the chance to enjoy it with friends is absolutely incredible. If you love the ocean and enjoy seafood, consider embarking on the full marina experience.

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