The Most Beautiful Places in Dalmatia, Croatia | Luxury Travel Blogger

If you had to postpone every single plan you had, as travelling during the pandemic is almost impossible, think about it from a different perspective. This time you’ve been given can be invested in exploring some of the best and most beautiful places one can imagine so when the time is right you only have to pack your suitcase and enjoy the adventure! 

To make it easier, we’ve listed Croatia’s must-visit places that will exceed your expectations! 


Istria is Croatia’s biggest peninsula, full of historic cities and settlements. One of the most popular is Pula and its Roman amphitheatre that was once used for gladiator fights and it is one of the most preserved monuments in Croatia! Today, it is the center of cultural events and life which results in big crowds during the on and off seasons.


Considered one of the most beautiful towns in Croatia, Rovinj is an enchanting little town that exudes Venetian style and is picturesquely floating on the Adriatic Sea. To make your Istrian experience even more amazing, find your elegant solution for accommodation!  


Most people’s first thought when they think about Croatia is its coastline, beaches, and the Adriatic. Motovun is the real proof you shouldn’t bypass Istrian inland! Located on the top of the hill, Motovun offers a spectacular view of vineyards, Mirna River and the rest of the stunning inland. 

Plitvice National Park

Plitvice Lakes are a part of Croatia which will amaze you with their greenery and waterfalls. Protected by UNESCO, this is the ideal place for both culture-lovers, as well as for anyone looking to visit an exotic paradise!


Being in the heart of Dalmatia leads you straight to Split, home to Diocletian’s Palace, another very well preserved Roman ruins. If you’re craving to see more of Split and visit nearby islands, sea transfers are your way to explore every single thing on your ‘’to-see’’ list!


Modern installations – Sea organ and Greetings to the Sun – have become a significant parts of Zadar, even though it was already well known for its historic Old Town. Something new and unseen attracts tourists from the other side of the world to come to Zadar, to lay on the waterfront and watch as the sun goes down. If you’re travelling north from Split, don’t miss a chance to visit Zadar!

Kornati Islands

Sailors, this one’s for you! Hidden coves, beaches, and landscapes like nowhere else, Kornati Islands are Croatia’s most unique national park! 

Krka National Park 

Located in the same area as the Kornati, only on the inland side of it, Krka is a place you’ll find in every guidebook made for visitors, and for good reason. Watermills, waterfalls, scenic nature and Krka Monastery are waiting to be seen! 

Trakoš?an Castle

Located 2 hours from Zagreb, this hidden historical gem was a fortification used as a defence from enemies. Updated through the years, it is now open for visitors who can relive this piece of history in Croatia!   


Last but not least is the famous Dubrovnik, an elite part of the Croatian coast where anyone can enjoy the time by staying in a luxurious villaNot only does each stone have its story, but the whole city is a unique combination of beauty and history. Whether you’re enjoying the view from the hill Sr? or you’re in Stradun, the heart of the Old Town, you’re going to feel like you belong here!

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