What makes the perfect safari honeymoon

After months of planning your wedding and then living out your big day together, your honeymoon should offer a balanced combination of relaxation, adventure and, of course, lots of romance. Your honeymoon is about you as a couple and it is a chance to spend quality time together before the reality and routine of daily life kicks in when you back home.

In fact, after all the stress that often comes with planning a wedding, your honeymoon is probably going to be the first real opportunity you both get to relax and unwind with each other. On top of that, it may be one of the biggest trips you have taken together thus far, so it is important to get it right, with all the excitement, magic and luxury that is deserving of your first holiday as husband and wife. It should suit you as a couple in all ways travel-related – your wants, needs, interests and style.

Africa plays in the major leagues when it comes to romance and an African safari delivers on all the aspects necessary to make a honeymoon unforgettable. Well-appointed and award-winning safari camps with luxury amenities and special romantic extras, together with a great mix of just hanging out and adventurous activities to do together, make this honeymoon idea a firm favourite among newly married couples.

If you are thinking of booking a safari for this momentous occasion, find out below what exactly makes for a perfect safari honeymoon in Africa so that you can make it the best possible vacation imaginable.

Luxury honeymoon suite

The perfect safari honeymoon hideaway should be equal parts luxury and tranquility. The relaxed, open-plan and dreamy ambiance of a suite designed with honeymooners in mind will be felt from the moment you both step, hand-in-hand, over the threshold. The traditional ‘under canvas safari’ experience conjures an old-world romance epitomizing the authentic spirit of the original safari dating back to the early twentieth century.

This nod to a bygone era should then be balanced out and complemented by the contemporary aesthetic found in spacious and plush bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms equipped with full bath and shower facilities. Dedicated honeymoon suites will have that extra touch of exclusivity such as private indoor and outdoor lounges from which to enjoy stunning views, areas in your tent for secluded candlelit dinners and a bar well-stocked with champagne and other delicious goodies.

Your creature comforts should be top priority at your chosen safari camp so that you can relax completely, knowing your every need has been anticipated and attended to. In this way, the right kind of hospitality plays a major part in creating an effortless and intimate safari honeymoon experience. Camp staff need to be intuitive to the unique expectations of each couple, keeping service highly personalized yet always discreet and respectful of your privacy.

Added romantic spoils

Your honeymoon will most likely be the very first holiday you take together as a newly married couple. It is a celebration of this new, shared chapter in your lives, which means you should rightly expect all those little touches (and more) at a luxury camp. Those are the things that will take your honeymoon from ‘just another trip’ to the ultimate safari getaway befitting this special occasion.

With that glow of love that surrounds newlyweds and the magic of the African wilderness in the air, you might think there is nothing that could possibly surpass that feeling. A truly perfect safari honeymoon, however, will dial up the romance with, for instance, massage and spa treatments with an African flavour, unique activities like a bush bath or shower overlooking the wild savannah plains beyond, and champagne and snacks laid out elegantly by the pool at sunset.

Between exciting game drives exploring the bush at dawn or dusk, a delightful part of your day on safari should be the sumptuous meals you are encouraged to indulge in. Think fine dining by candlelight under the cream canopy of the main tent or perhaps an alfresco dinner shared under a clear and starlit night sky, bush breakfasts setup in enchanted, private places of the camp, and relaxed lunches served to you in the comfort of your suite. Mealtimes become incredible experiences in themselves when on a honeymoon safari in Africa.

Shared wild adventures

Choosing a destination that is ‘off the beaten honeymoon track’ offers a unique kind of exclusivity and adventure that will have you taking back home many spectacular photos and memories. Reveling in the awesome natural beauty of the African bush and having exhilarating encounters with its wildlife will remain etched in your minds and provide stories to reminisce over long into your happy life together.

During this holiday together, you will have time to rewind back to your wedding day, remembering the moments that made you laugh, cry and maybe even cringe. What better time and place to do so then from the outdoor lounge of your private suite as the sun dips below the wild plains rolling out to the horizon. There is something particularly special about being woken up at dawn with a hot cup of coffee, before heading out on a game drive to track game and predators, both big and small.

Depending on which safari destination and camp you choose, you might have the chance of getting a bird’s eye view of the landscape below as you take to the sky in a hot-air balloon at sunrise. Walking safaris are always a thrill and with an expert guide leading you, not only will you feel the exhilaration of exploring the bush on foot, you will also learn about the fascinating interconnectedness of its ecosystems.

Is there a better way for you to celebrate recently tying the knot? We think not! African safari honeymoons offer above-and-beyond experiences that have that romantic allure and classic indulgence. There are beautiful, remote destinations in Africa that are so captivating you might just believe that fairy-tales certainly do come true.

Calvin Cottar is Director and Owner at Cottar’s 1920s Safaris. Cottar’s 1920s Safaris is an award-winning luxury 1920s safari camp and private bush villa located in the famous ‘seventh’ natural wonder of the world, the Maasai Mara in Kenya, and owned and managed by the oldest established and continuing safari family in Africa.

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